BOTHO MOLOSANKWE schreef 21 april 2006 in The Star (SA)

Relebohile Morapedi,who's the...
Teen who will represent SA at the World Cup

Many people will see me and greet me, I will be famous

He is only 13 years old and has never been on TV. But when the cameras got up close, he didn't flinch or bat an eyelid.

Not even people nearby staring at him could unnerve him.
He broke into a smile while his face remained a picture of calm and said: "This is a song that we sing when we usually play soccer," then broke into a song and dance while his fellow pupils joined him.
It was that confidence and his ability to stand out in a crowd that earned Relebohile Morapedi the opportunity to put South Africa on the map on Dutch television during the 2006 World Cup in Germany.
Now his smile will be splashed on three regional . putch TV channels during the event. South Africa might have lost the chance to play in the World Cup, but the youngster from Soweto will ensure that the country's presence is felt. Morapedi has been chosen as a South African correspondent for a "special" show, on which he will talk about soccer and where he lives.
He will also talk about Holland "because I want people to know about other countries as well, not only South Africa".
The eight inserts lasting three minutes each were the initiative of Herman van Veen, a Dutch stage performer. He will use them during his live broadcast Herman Van Veen and Jan de Man during the World Cup in July
Children from all over the world will have the opportunity to talk about their countries. This week, as the first of the inserts was shot, Relebohile flashed a confident smile as he spoke. The Grade 7 pupil at Lekang Higher Primary School in White City Jabavu, Soweto, said: "I was not nervous when I shot these inserts because I knew that if I was, I would have lost this opportunity

"This will be my first time on TV and I am very happy. Many people will see me and greet me, I will be famous," he chuckled.
While many people audition for parts in TV productions, Relebohile did not.
He caught Van Veen's eye when he was in South Africa. Relebohile was part of a group from his drama class who entertained him, singing and dancing.
"We wanted him because he made such an impression on us with those alive eyes, a bit of naughtiness and a great vibe," said Van Veen's publicist, Christine Coeteee.
No one could be more proud of Relebohile's achievements than his drama teacher of four years, Martha Mothupi.

"I want the world to see him. He is very good and has energy. This is such a great honour because at times when you do things you do not think that they will reach such a peak because we do them out of love," she said.
The shooting took place in Soweto and was due to end today.